Being Humble- James 4:10

This is the post excerpt.

I know it’s after lunch time, but I’ve been really busy this morning. I had to help take care of my little sister, read my bible, eat breakfast, read to my little sister, take shower, and get dressed. Wait, why didn’t I read my bible first? And why did I only read one chapter? I know because I’m too busy! It seems like I have to do everything! I get tired of doing everything all of the time. I just remembered that I forgot to pray this morning! Nooooooo! Please excuse me for a brief moment…………….okay I’m done praying. What’s gotten into me lately? I didn’t read my bible yesterday at all. I mean I had a bible lesson at church, but that doesn’t count. I mean actually sitting down, using my free time to read my bible. Now that I think about it, I haven’t been reading my bible at all in the morning! Ugh! Deep breath…deep breath. Now I’m better.

I feel like little pieces of my life are flaking off, because I don’t have time to read my bible. Sometimes I even find it hard to sit down and think of a blog that I could post. I work really hard to get this blog in tact to make sure you know all about Jesus and what he did for us! But as the month is slowly fading, I realize that I need to start reading my bible more. I feel like I have to. I mean I’m in Leviticus, the third book of the bible. That’s pretty good for a girl who’s 12th birthday is less than two months away.

I just got done looking at some verses, actually, one verse from my favorite bible website. It was the verse of the day. It really made me think about the situation that I’m in and what I need to do, and what you can do when you feel like I do right now.

Bible Gateway.com (King James Version)

James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up

Bible Gateway.com (New English Translation) & Holman Christian Standard Bible Illustrated Study Bible for Kids

James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you

In this case humble is close to the definition of respectful. Or showing little estimate of one’s own importance, you care about others more than you care about yourself. Which is what the bible says to do. What this verse means is That if you are humble(Put others importance before yours, and he will think highly of you.

One of my favorite things it putting these blogs together for you, so you can be a christian! I guess maybe I should stop worrying about myself and help others, like my little sister. Even I bible reader needs some reminding.

I’ll be blogging with you next time on, Christianforkids!


So I said I would get posts up about things that I have been doing or things in my life. See Upcoming Posts for more info. I’ve decided to kind of cram everything into one post, because I don’t think that they all really need their own post. But I will be putting them in sections, about a paragraph or so about a few different topics, and I’ll make sure to add a few other things that will be happening.

Zoo day

So I went to the zoo a while back and we went and saw most of the animals. It was really fun. There’s not much to say about our zoo besides it’s really big. A farm, jungle, reptile house, etc. In the gift shop I got a roughly carved stone necklace. It has a coil on each side and is attached to the chain. I also got a sequin tiger pillow. One side they make a tiger, and the other, tiger stripes.

Casting Crowns Concert

Me and my family went to see Casting Crowns a couple of weekends ago. They played quite a few songs. Maybe like twenty or something like that? I really wasn’t keeping track. And opening for them was I Am They, another Christian music group. They played a few songs. I got a blueish grey colored shirt and in silver writing it says, The very next thing, Casting Crowns.

Birthday Party- Paint the Towne

For my birthday party we went to Paint the Towne. It was really cool. We painted a lamp post, quite like the one in Narnia. I’ll pop up a picture. I got a duffel bag, sunglasses, a neck pillow, gift cards- Walmart and Starbucks, $10, Reese’s, A bottle of Mist Twist, A homemade bracelet, a crystal, A Ron Weasley(third year) Funko POP! figure, a Barb Funko POP! pen, and a spa certificate from all of my friends and family that came.


Happy Belayed Easter! I hope yours was great, mine was. We had an Easter egg hunt. They candy we got in the eggs was M&M’s minis, Reese’s eggs, and Dove chocolate. We got a little money as well. We also got a pack of egg-shaped gum, and a Kinder Joy. for my toy I had to put the platform thing on half of the egg and a stick to hold it on, so then I could spin a top on it.

Robotics Trial Day

So my Robotics course is four-corner glow. There are different colored sections with a ping-pong ball in each one. In blue the ball is behind a wall, green on a golf tee, red, on a block, yellow behind a wall. In the middle there’s a three layered platform with a golf ball. Our goal is to build and program a robot that can get all of the balls in the containment area. Unfortunately, we can’t program our robot to close it’s claw and drive at the same time, but it’s going okay for us at the moment. We discovered that we need to change our wheels to get up the platform, which is currently in progress right now. I’ll put up a picture from the WSU Lego Mindstorms website.


That is everything that I’ve missed in posting, and I hope you enjoyed. Please note that I am not trying to brag in anyway about the stuff that I get or have bought. It’s all just for fun and I hope you understand that I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone in anyway. Please let me know and I will try to make it right.

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace                                                                                                        Ephesians 1:7 NIV

And remember

Make it you!





So I didn’t know I was going to be going to the zoo until after I made the post Upcoming Posts. So that’s why it wasn’t on the list. I went to the zoo on Saturday. We didn’t do much, but I’m going again on Thursday, so I will have more to write about. I’ve decided not to make a full dedicated to my sleepover but I will say we watched Maze Runner and made cupcakes. Anyways back to the point. I’ll have another zoo blog going up on Friday about the zoo as well, so let’s begin.

The exhibits/animals we saw were

  • Children’s farm
    • Horses
    • Cows
    • Goats
    • Sheep
    • Donkeys, and
    • Pigs, We were lucky enough to watch the mother pig feeding her babies.
  • Amphibians and Reptiles
    • Tortoises
    • Turtles
    • Fish
    • Alligators
    • Snakes
    • Frogs, and
    • Lizards
  • Rhinos

That’s all we had time to see, because we got there late, and we had to get to a cookie booth. I was able to get something from the gift shop. A healing stone. A moonstone. It heals growth and kindness. I’m getting a necklace on Thursday too. I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more posts by me. I’ll be putting up another zoo post on Friday and hopefully a Casting Crowns post on Saturday and on Sunday or Monday a birthday party post.

And remember

Make it you!

Winter Jam!!!

Tips and tricks for Winter Jam. Artists and guest speakers of Winter Jam.

Winter Jam is hosted by Newsong.

I apologize for getting this post up so late, as Winter jam took place on the 9th for me, I know for some it happened in January, and others are still waiting for it, but I’m getting this post up, so that’s what matters.

I know some people got there at two or three so they could get on the floor, but there are plenty of other good seats. I sat at the very top, and I really enjoyed it. But that might be different for some people. As $15 is just a suggested donation at the door, you have to get there early to get the seats you really want. First come, first serve.

The lines are long, but it doesn’t take long to get inside to pay and get your bags checked. If you want to get souvenirs before the concert, try to get there 50-30 minutes prior to when Winter Jam starts, so you won’t have to wait long lines, well at least for Skillet fans. You can get T-shirts, CD’s, hats, and many other things as a souvenir. If you want to wait until after the concert, try to leave before the last few songs are over, especially for Skillet fans. That was the most crowded table.

I’ll be listing everyone that was there by band, solo artist, or guest speaker. Unfortunately I don’t remember songs by everyone that was there, but I will try my best to put in songs from everyone.


  • Newsong- songs- Arise my Love, I am a Christian
  • Building 429-songs- Where I Belong, Impossible
  • Skillet- Monster, Invincible

Solo Artists

  • Dan Bremnes- songs- Up Again, Wherever I Go
  • Mallory Hope- songs- Lay it Down, Now
  • Westover- songs- Unique, Care(For Me)
  • Jordan Feliz- songs- The Rivers, Witness
  • Kari Jobe, featuring Cody Carnes- songs- Forever, The Cross has the Final Word
  • KB- songs- Undefeated, Not Today Satan

Guest Speakers

  • Nick Hall- talked about- Taking the next step in being a Christian
  • John Crist- comedian- He made Christian related “jokes.” ex: Baby dedication, baptism.

I got a black Winter Jam T-shirt. On the front it has the 2018 design, and on the back it has everyone who performed and The dates of every night they were having it in the different cities/towns. I hoped this helped for maybe this year or next year. As this being my family’s first Winter Jam, it helped me. All of the songs are great and I hope you decided to check some these artists/bands out. You should also try to check out some of John Crist’s material. It’s hilarious. And the best part is, only Christians will understand it, because Christians have their own language.

Here’s a Winter jam poster I found online. I love the design and colors they decided to use for this year.If you went to Winter Jam or are planning to, let me know how it went. I would love to hear. Thanks for reading.

And remember,

Make it you!



Upcoming Posts

I’ve decided I should make a post about what post to expect throughout the next couple of months. As my birthday and Robotics competition day coming up soon. I’ll be organizing them by month and add the day. And I’ll put a question mark if I’m not sure weather to make that post or not. I hope the format is clear, and here are the dates.


  • 15th
    • Winter Jam
  • 2oth or 21st
    • Birthday and Sleepover–?
  • 24th
    • Casting Crowns concert
  • 25 or 26th
    • Birthday party


  • 1st
    • Easter post
  • 2nd
    • Robotics trial day
  • 22 or 23
    • Robotics competition day


Here’s the somewhat organized agenda for March and April. Sorry about the delay in the Winter Jam post. It’ll be up tomorrow, I promise. I’ll list the artists, bands, and guest speakers that were there and some of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoyed.

And remember

Make it you!

Birthday and Memory Verse #4

Hello and good afternoon to all of my wonderful readers. I’m sorry for the delay in posting. I have a busy schedule, and especially since Robotics has started. I am on a homeschool Robotics team, but I’ll talk more about that another time. So my birthday isn’t today, but it’s the 19th, so it’s only five days away. And I’m turning 13!! The start of being a teenager. I’m excited, but also a little nervous.

So I know I made a post titled New Obsessions, if you want to check it out, but I’m not really “obsessed” with any of the things, really. I just thought it being a good name for a post. Anyways I thought I’d share some of the things I like. Anything from books, to games, to toys.

  1. Books; I’ll list a few of the series/books I like, but I’ll make a separate post dedicated to them. These are six of my favorite book series.
    • Harry Potter
    • Percy Jackson
    • Make Runner
    • Hunger Games
    • Divergent, and
    • The City of Ember
  2. Disney Collectable Figures; I’ll list the ones that I like
    • Disney Crossy Road
    • Disney Tsum Tsum
    • Disney D’ Lectables
    • Disney Palace Pets, and
    • Disney Animators
  3. Funko POP! I like several different ones of these, so I decided to put them in their own category
    • Disney
    • Harry Potter
    • Hunger Games
    • Star Wars
    • Ghost Busters, and
    • Stranger Things
  4. Legos I’ll list the ones I like
    • Lego Friends
    • Lego City, and
    • Marvel/superheros
  5. Makeup I know I’m only 12, almost 13, that I’m not wanting very much, just a little bit. For example: light-colored eyeshadow, lip gloss, light lipstick, and a little blush. And what I have I don’t wear every day.



And now for the verse.

1 Timothy 4:12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

It’s pretty easy, as most of the verses I post on here. But I thought it went along with the general idea of birthdays and youth. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. And I hope you will try to memorize the verse.

And remember

Make it you!


Valentine’s Day and Present

I know it’s a little late for this, because Valentine’s Day has past, but I’d still like to wish you all a happy late Valentine’s day. I hope you had a good one. I did. I got a Disney Crossy Road figurine 4-pack. The characters I got were Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 1-3 plus the shorts, Daisy Duck from Mickey Mouse, Rafiki from The Lion King, and my favorite, Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. I already had Blue dress Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse, and I’m hoping to get some more. Let me know your favorite character, and thanks for stopping by. I love you all so much!

Memorize it! #3 Genesis 1:1

Today I’m asking you to memorize one of my favorite, and most simple verses in the bible. Genesis 1:1 is a easy as it can get. And it’s the first verse of the Bible. This is what started it all, the beginning. Being so short, the verse is also so meaningful. I hope can memorize this verse.

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

See? It’s that easy. Only a single line, ten words, not including where it’s found. I would like it if you would say the verse, this helps when trying to memorize verses. This was probably one of the first verses I ever learned, and I’m happy to be sharing it with you. I hope you like this verse as much as I do, and thanks for stopping by. Remember to tell your friends and family about my blog so that they can come to know Christ!


Memorize it! #2 2 Chorinthians 5:17

I know the title of this post is a little hard to understand, so I wanted to clear up that this post is about 2 Chorinthians 5:17. This was one of my memory verses for my youth group, and it’s one that I really like, and it’s pretty short, so I thought you should all memorize it too. It’s really easy to memorize. In fact, it only took me about a minute to remember!

2 Chorinthians 5:17                                                                                                                    Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature. Old things have passed away, behold the new has come.

This is my favorite version of the verse, but there or simpler ways to say this verse for younger ones. For instance.

2 Chorinthians 5:17                                                                                                                      Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creature. Old things have gone and the new has come.

I’m not sure if that way is actually in the bible, but I thought it was a good way for younger kids, of course there’s not much of a difference, but it seemed easier to me. Now I’m hoping that you’ll be able to memorize this verse, or better yet, already have it memorized! I’ll be checking in with you in a few days. And be sure to let me know if you have this verse memorized. Thanks so much for reading!

New Years

Sorry I haven’t made a post in a while. The new year has been busy for me. I went to the youth group new years party my church was letting us have, so I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep from that and also two other sleepovers that I’ve has since then. But all and all I’ve been having a good year so far.

I had my first day of co-op on the 8th, or last Monday, and one of my friends got to come over. I got a phone for Christmas which is a little off topic, but I thought I might as well mention it. I’ve downloaded a Bible app and started a year long plan, and today a started a daily devotional plan about John.

I haven’t got all of my Christmas presents quite yet, but it’s understandable considering the condition my grandpa is in. My little sister is going to be turning 2 on the 28th, and I’m going to a girls sleepover at my church, for any of the girls in my youth group. We’re thinking about these as some of the options for what we’ll do beforehand.

  • Dart Wars
  • Escape Room
  • Bowling

I’m really excited and I hope we get to do an escape room. I’ve done one before, but we didn’t make it out. Partly because I was one of only 2 girls and there were at least 8 boys I’d say, but I’m not accusing them as the whole reason we didn’t escape, but it was partial. I’m going to be having a sleepover with one of my friends in a weekend or two.

I know this was kind of random, but I still hope you enjoyed and have been having a good New Year.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone the new has come 2 Chorinthians 5:17


So I’ve been feeling a  bit artsy lately. I mean have you ever just had that spark of creativity go off in your head? Well for me it all started when I was making a special gift for one of friends for Christmas. It was a Harry Potter wand. I gave it to her yesterday, so it won’t ruin the surprise. It’s really cool, although a bit sloppy in some areas, and I’ve made better. But it was the first time in a really long time that I had the urge to keep making them or even craft. I had the supplies for a while, but now the bristles in my paint brushes are stuck together!

But anyways back to the story. I had got done painting it and was like, I want to make another one, but for myself. So I had made it quite similar to the one I had just made, except the handle was smaller, there were a few extra drips, and color variation. One was a little more gold than the other. So I had them drying and my brother saw them, so I asked him if he liked them. He did sure enough. I asked him if he wanted me to make him one. He did want me to make him a wand, so I did.

I asked him a few details about it. The width, if he wanted the design simple or complex, and if wanted there to be any gold in it or not. Here were his answers

  • The smallest width
  • A simple design and
  • It doesn’t matter

So I took the dowel rod after he left and started hot gluing. I made a swirl all the way to the bottom of the rod, them made one going the opposite direction. I then made two spirals parallel to the other two, but only went about 2/3 of the way down the dowel. I then painted it a mixture between the colors burnt umber and melted chocolate. While it was still mostly wet, I brushed on some gold, and it added a cool effect. I really like how the wands turned out.

The supplies to make your own

  • A hot/cool glue gun
  • Glue sticks(for glue gun)
  • Dowel rod or chopstick
  • At least 1 color of paint
  • At least one paintbrush

The painting process is what takes the longest, because it has to dry. I recommend to let air dry. The paint I used sticks onto the rods very well, so there was no dripping(you’ll also need a napkin to put under the glue gun, a paper towel and a cup of water to clean off your brushes) Over all this is a fun project and you might get a little messy. If you are a child, please have your parent or guardian supervise you while hot gluing, or use a cool glue gun, which won’t burn you. It’s still a little hot, but it won’t burn you, and the glue is warm temp.

If you are in need of a last minute gift, making  something is a good way to show that a lot of thought was put into it. And remember that no craft or art project can turn out bad, because you made it! Crafts are a way to express your individuality and creativity. Let the artist in you break through! Weather in be painting, crafting, drawing, sculpting or whatever kind of art you like, let the world see. The world could use a little more creativeness!

And remember

Make it me

Be yourself

Make it you